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Lantro UI is a responsive Blogger template with useful features. Lantro UI concentration is on SEO and PageSpeed optimization with better CSS and JS so that users and editors can easily rank.



- April 04 2022

  1. Example 01
  2. Example 02
  3. Example 03
  4. Example 04
  5. Example 05

- April 03 2022

  1. Example 01
  2. Example 02
  3. Example 03
  4. Example 04
  5. Example 05

Landing Page

We provide responsive, attractive and beautiful landing pages.

  • 10+ landing page
  • Easy to customize
  • Drag and drop widget
  • Easy to change widget order
  • Responsive landing page
  • More attractive feature

Easy to use,
Easier to use

We've made every effort to make the theme easier to use, with a cleaner look and code that's easy to understand.

The templates that we make are always updated regularly, now you can easily change the color and some other parts easily without having to edit the HTML template.

Fast Loading

Performance is a top priority in the templates we create, sites that perform well have many benefits and have more potential to be on the first page of search results.

  • Loads less than 1 second
  • Search engine optimized
  • Optimized for Speed

Easy Customization

We are trying to make this template easier to edit, now you can directly change the colors via the Blogger Theme Designer or the Layout menu.

  • Primary Color Option
  • SVG Icon
  • Custom Widgets

Lantro UI Features

  • Faster loading

    Optimized by reducing the size of the template such as compressing CSS and Javascript for faster loading

  • SEO Friendly

    The template is designed SEO Friendly, starting from breadcrumbs that have been indexed by Google to other markup schemas

  • Fully Responsive

    The template size is flexible to suit every screen and the layout is neatly arranged by maximizing CSS performance

  • Optimized for ads

    Ready-to-use Adsense ad slots have been provided in locations with high click rates

  • Easier to use

    It's very easy to change the color, width to font through Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings in the Layout menu

  • Updated regularly

    We always update the template regularly and add features or fix some bugs that appear

Buy now!

Rs 399
  1. Lantro UI Standard Version
  2. Lantro AMP
  3. All features included
  4. Full Support RTL Mode
Rs 699
  1. Lantro UI + Landing Page
  2. Lantro UI standard Version
  3. Lantro UI AMP
  4. All features included
  5. Full Support RTL Mode
Sample with Discount
Rs 000
  1. Lantro UI + Landing Page
  2. Lantro UI Standard Version
  3. Lantro UI AMP
  4. All Post Template
  5. Full Support RTL Mode

*Price shown above its not applicable for the template. Consider visiting the purchase page

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